I recently had success installing x86 on a friends old dell notebook, I'm looking to do the same on my notebook after having problems with Suse yast issues. Who would have thought that installing kismet and nvidia drivers would be such a pain? I'm ready to get rid of windows XP once and for all, constant restarts, registration and having to pay for everything is taking a toll on my wife's law school fund

I'm know I'm going to use a stage 3 install, and thats about it. As of now I understand thats all I can do. I want to get cedega running for BF2 and EEII but I'm worried I'll run into driver issues. I have an AMD X2 and a Nvidia 7800GTX in my notebook. What Architecture should I use? Should I just use the default live cd to configure my kernel and update it later or should I take the time and actually understand everything thats in the menu?

Thanks for the help guys and girls!!