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    Problems with GNOME

    Hello, I am having problems trying to run GNOME on my system.
    Before adding xdm to the default run level, I used to type gdm and GNOME would start properly.
    After adding xdm to the default run level, I get an error box on the GNOME 2.14 splash screen and all I am left with is a grey background.

    The error box says:
    There was a error starting the GNOME settings Daemon.
    Some things such as themes, sounds or backgrounds settings may not work correctly.
    The settings Daemon restarted too many times.
    IDL:Bonobo/GeneralError:1.00 Child process did not give an error message, unknown failure occured.
    Gnome will try to restart the settings Daemon next time you log in.
    I have previously emerged gnome-light and then decied to emerge gnome. Would this of caused the error?

    Hope someone can help

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    hi Andrew! I didn't worked on Gentoo long enough to be familiar with the way it's works. But I'm not sure why do you need XDM at all? Times ago I've run into troubles with it as well and after removing from it from system all start work like it should.
    Maybe it's worth just remove it and leave GDM itself so it wouldn't conflict with XDM, or at least remove it from run level and see if it helps.

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