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    dell laptop and sabayon

    I have a dell laptop and sabayon linux. the dell drive password seems to keep it from booting to anything other than linux. is there a bypass?


    dell utility (39mb)
    windowsxp (80gb)
    sabayon (40GB) BOOT
    dellrecovery (4.5GB)

    it seems to not take boot sector. i tried to put it on MBR and the partition. it does not boot at all with sabayon partiton set to boot. it stops on the dell password screen for the drive itself. (not cmos password)
    if i delete the 2 dell partitions will it still boot?
    please help! thanks

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    i meant to say that it will only boot to windows (yuck) if the boot flag is on partition 2 if it is on three, it just stops after the password clears (none set). please help i hate windows i am desperate to get away to linux again

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    if you know what drive youve got in your pc then you can go on the dell website and download a bootable utility cd (AKA low level HDD formatter) whitch will let you edit functions on your drive if you have a compatable drive otherwise all you will be able to do is erase everything.

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    thakns much man! i just decided that i did not need windows after all and bombed it. down with micro$haft

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