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    Error, Could not activate swap (/dev/hda2)

    I installed Gentoo Linux in a graphic mode using Live CD 2006.0. During the installation I got the error message that "Could not activate swap (/dev/hda2) !"

    Also the system proceeds with installation and complete the installation. I was able to load the Gentoo successfully. And I figure out that I couldn't mount the cd rom. (I was trying to mount the Gentoo live CD, so nothing wrong with the CD).

    mount /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom
    When I type the this command I can see the computer is trying to read the CD and it stoped. And gives the error message.

    I couldn't mount the CD, is because of the installation error. Will it fix the problem, if I reinstall Gentoo. What is the possible reason for the installation error.
    BTW I was installing in a server and I was using Linux x86 version.
    Thank You.

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    All the attempts to install Gentoo from GUIs have met with some problem or other. It is always recommended to install gentoo using a stage3 tarball.

    As per your current problem do an lspci -v and check if your CDROM is listed properly or not. But even if we somehow fix that problem, I am pretty sure other problem might be noticed by you later. So I will like to suggest a stage3 tar ball installtion for you.
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