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Thread: Live cd help

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    Live cd help

    HI All

    Im new in gentoo, and i need some help. I have gentoo 2006.1 live cd. And when i boot from this cd, its all ok. But i don't know how to set the root password. I have try with "passwd", but its not working.
    Secont thing is when i try to install gentoo on my computer, i need tarball. I have downloaded tarball for my configuration with windows. And save it on fat32 partition. Now i can't access to that folder or disc. I Have figured out that i need mount my discs. How do i mount? I have read gentoo handbook. But i havent found there nothing about my problems.

    Sorry for my english please help.

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    OK i have set root password. But i still don't now how to mount.
    I have two disces and i wanna use second partition on first disc (hda2 ? ). It is fat32.
    can someone help me?

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    it should be fairly simple to mount your fat32 partition. If that's the second partition on the first disk it would indeed be /dev/hda2. you might mount it like
    sudo "mkdir /mnt/fat; mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/fat;" and then you could navigate there cd /mnt/fat and get your tarball.

    if you have questions, post the errors you get please (copy-paste)

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    I get this error when i try to install:
    Exception received:
    PartitionsMountedError :FATAL: partition: Cannot partition /dev/hda due to filesystems being mounted
    Please submit a bug report (after searching to make sure it's not a known issue and verifying you didn't do something stupid) with the contents of /var/log/installer.log.failed, /tmp/installprofile.xml, the last ~50 lines of /tmp/compile_output.log, and the version of the installer you used (release or CVS snapshot w/ date)
    but i have clear partitions and done all like is recommended.

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