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    Installation from LiveCD Problems

    hey... Ive been using ubuntu comfortably for quite a few months, done quite a bit of customization and whatnot. Gentoo seemed like something I wanted on my machine, so I burned the LiveCD and was very impressed with its minimalism and whatnot

    I decided to install it using the wizard, the configuration all went smoothly and it looked like i didnt screw anything up [famous last words]. But about mid-way through the install it tells me:
    There was an Exception received during the install that is outside of the normal install errors.  This is a bad thing. The error was:[Errno 5] Input/output error
    I googled it... learned nothing, and am in a bit of a pickle. As it formats the drive before it finds the error. I know I'm not giving you much to work with, but even the compile_output file is corrupted for some reason.

    In Review:
    x86 Arch
    Using LiveCD
    No errors during configuration

    Any help would be appreciated

    EDIT: I hope the answer is not "lurk moar"

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    Quote Originally Posted by th3dougler
    I decided to install it using the wizard
    Well there's yer problem!
    'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.'
    --Abraham Lincoln

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    Live cd sucks because it has 10000000000000000 of bugs.....

    Download 55mb installer (without stage and portage ) and gentoo hanbook. Than install gentoo manualy (by inserting commands and editing files).

    Good luck in next "installing week"

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    This is what I feared most :'(

    Alright, I'll likely bump in a few days.

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    the install went smoothly (or so I thought)

    I must have missed something stupid, because now Gentoo isnt resolving hostnames. i.e.
    results in nothing
    is successful.


    EDIT: okay, when I boot up the live cd the /etc/resolv.conf file has a line
    and my gentoo setup does not, I tried to copy over the file but something keeps writing over it at boot


    Everything works if i just add
    manually... but I dont want to have to do that at boot, every boot

    surely this is not a problem for a bunch of smart people such as yourselves :3

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    did you add your ethernet card to the defualt run level?


    if you don't see an eth0 set up there and you just see the lo there the eth0 wasn't added to the default runlevel

    what I did was during the install after I unpacked the stage and portage tree I added the net-eth0 to default runlevel by entering.

    # rc-update add net-eth0 default

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