Dear Gentoo users,

I'm having VNC-related problems.
I want to make VNC'ing work the following:

I have a Gentoo desktop box with gdm+gnome, only one user. I'm using X
on DISPLAY:0 0-24/7 all the time. If I'm not sitting in front of the
box, I lock the session with the corresponding Gnome menu. So, X
DISPLAY:0 is always active with my Gnome desktop (sometimes locked,
thats all).

I have another machine with Windows XP. (Just on a little partition, I
want to install Linux on the remaining 70GB.)
>From this machine I want to connect using VNC to the gentoo desktop.
I've read the corresponding howtos on, with no success.
What works: I can connect to the Gentoo box using VNC, but it opens
DISPLAY:1 and starts an X session with TWM, instead of opening my
existing X session on DISPLAY:0

All in all: I want to connect (using TightVNC Win32) to the existing
DISPLAY:0 (gnome) session. Is it possible?
If isn't, the following will do:

a GDM session opens in my VNC window, and I can login to my account into
gnome. With existing user, with existing home folder.

I hope I was clear. Sorry for my English, I'm from Hungary.

Thanks in advance!