Ok, here goes...

20 Gig, sliced, not diced:
XP on sda1 [FAT32, 5 gig] - heres the kicker - set to boot LOL, read on
98SE on sda2 [FAT32, 1 gig]
linux swap sda3 [768 (512 Physical)]
Sabayon 3.26 DVD sda4 [Reiserfs ~12 Gig]

sdb - data drive blah blah

XP is in such a state where only ghost will save me [grr] ok my fault, hell im hardly ever in there . . . ok i admit, dammit it runs smooth... aint out the box either tho

I killed a roughly sabotaged 3.2 DVD install of Sabayon and swap, installed 98 fresh on the remainder of the drive. Updates, drivers, etc, imaged the partition. 98 did of course overwrite the boot sector, but read on.

Went back with gparted ISO and resized.

Added added swap then reiser at end, rebooted and installed Sabayon 3.26.

All went well, only hitch? had to 'add' "98" boot option, as sda2. The 98 install continues to run fine.

grub is installed during the Sabayon run, naturally. (hey just being thorough)

grub is 0.97 and doesnt complain directly about anything it sees.

all seems fine, UNTIL...

everything boots fine except XP, it does odd things, but curiously, it shows up as "98" which i had to manually add, and had pointed it to sda2. Sometimes just the dreaded cursor, others there is garbage up on the screen, other times just cycles back to the grub selection screen and defaults sabayon, which then boots... heh, well, you know... at least its 'wise' . . . anyway

Update: Select "98", and the 'reboot' (its more like a grub restart, no bios etc) is always after the first CTRL-ALT-DEL or hard reset/power-on has run its course, garbage always follows after "98" is chosen again, after which a CTRL-ALT-DEL or hard reset is the only answer.

"Other" which was left ('detected' automatically by the GUI installer) is actually the booting 98, which again, runs fine.

I'd ditch 98, but i need it for a single purpose, and one purpose only, that I cant work around.

The drive has tested sound with Spinrite 6, memtest86 passes, etc. You know the drill.

WTF, O?!

Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated...

PS Anyone reading, thoughts should go out to Fabio Erculiani.

If, for some reason, you don't know who he is, read more here - http://www.sabayonlinux.org/index.ph...d=268&Itemid=2