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    I just went through and installed my Canon i950

    (first post to

    I just finished installing my i950 on fedora core 2 ~

    * Step 1: Download the 'nippon'-style drivers (rpms) from

    There are two rpms you'll need. First is bjfiltercups-2.4-0.i386.rpm it contains the application side of things (bjcups, bjcupsmon, bjfilter) that make things go whoosh easy. Then you'll need to get bjfilterpixus950i-2.2-1.i386.rpm. Install both of those with the traditional 'rpm -Uvh .rpm' command (as root) and binary wise ~ you're good to roll

    * Step 2: HACK IT!

    make a copy of the /usr/share/cups/model/canonpixus990i.ppd named /usr/share/cups/model/canonpixus950i.ppd, open it up in your favorite editor (emacs). The following modifications need to be made in the first 10 lines or so.
    Product: "(pixus990i)" should be changed to Product: "(pixus950i)"
    ShortNickName: "PIXUS990i" should be changed to ShortNickName: "PIXUS950i"
    cupsModelNumber: ??? should be changed to cupsModelNumber 1158
    PCFileName: "CNPX990I.PPD" should be changed to PCFileName: "CNPX950I.PPD"
    ModelName: .... yadda yadda should be changed to ModelName: "Canon PIXUS 950i"
    NickName: ..... yadda yadda should be changed to NickName: "Canon PIXUS 950i ver2.4"

    * Step 3: Restart cups and install the printer

    Make sure your printer is plugged in and turned on. as root do a '/etc/init.d/cups restart' command (will vary from distro to distro) and then go to http://localhost:631 and go to the manage printers (login as root). Add Printer. Name it 'Canon' (or whatever, just remember it) The Connection should be USB port #1 and it should say (Canon i950) in there as well. the ppd file is the one you just made. (under brand canon of course). and viola, your printer is setup. If you print a test-page it WILL WORK.

    * Step 4: Setup GIMP

    Open up gimp and open up an image. go to file->print.. and add a new printer. Name it Canon. Setup Printer...
    Printer Model : PostScript Level 2
    Command : lp -s -dCanon
    PPD File: /usr/share/cups/model/canonpixus950i.ppd

    I hope this wasn't overkill for the question, but, i found this forum thread as #1 when i searched for linux canon i950..

    some references:
    (this page)
    ~ type in canon in the search box and both of the knowledge base articles helped ~ lots of threads that lead me to these settings

    Hope this helps everyone, i know i've been playing with this off and on for a while with no luck till tonight.

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    Excellent. I'll try it and report back the results.

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    easy.... thanks denkino

    denkino, your post ROCKS

    I installed my canon i950 on slackware 9.1.

    First, I had to download the glibc 2.3.2 package (from in order to do a rpm2tgz on the rpms of the canon site.

    Then, I had to download the cups package (latest) from and do a chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.cups, after reading it carefully. Also good idea to read /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

    Then followed your instructions, and I have to say that it was pretty seemless!!

    Thank you so much.

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    it really works! thanks a lot for the post! I just finished installing my 950 on a Suse 9.2

    ur da man!


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