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    can't find batch resizer to suit my needs

    I take all my photos at 8megapixels but resize the majority of them to 1600x1200. I'm looking for a batch resizer but need it to save the EXIF data attached to the image. Most resizers strip this information. I tried David's Batch Processor, but that has one major annoyance, and that it only lets me resize pictures to a full percent. My photos are taken at 3254x2448, and they need to be resized by 49.02% to get 1600x1200. DBP only let's me do it by 49% exactly, so this leaves me with a picture of 1599x1199. I can't do an absolute resize since many of my pictures are shot vertically, so I'd have to separate all the vertical and horizontal pictures to do it this way.

    anyone know of a batch resizer that doesn't have either of these issues?


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    Imagemagick all the way.

    for i in /path/to/images/*.jpg; do echo convert -resize 49.02% "$i" "/destination/$(basename $i)"; done
    If the output seems adequate to you, then remove the "echo" in the middle, and the work will be done. Untested but it should work with percentages, and it should also preserve any existing exif metadata.

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    i found another one, that also rotates, rounds images, adds watermarks, etc, called phatch, which I recommend. It's all gui, too and you can save your 'commands'.

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