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Thread: monitor gamma

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    monitor gamma

    I've been trying to calibrate my monitor and I think I may have caused a problem. I originally used xgamma, but then discovered the gamma control in the KDE Control Center. After using the control center, the gamma keeps resetting itself. All three colors are stuck at 1.2. I can change them back with xgamma, but every time X restarts, it gets reset to 1.2. I tried changing it back with control panel again, but it doesn't work. After some Googling, I thought I could add something to ~/.xsessions, but apparently, it doesn't exist.

    Oh yeah, I'm using Fedora 2.

    As for the actual calibration, does anyone know how to do this accurately? I'm doing some photography, so I need an fairly accurate monitor. I've been using test patterns off of google, but none of them seem to work very well. I had something professionally printed (so I know it's correct) and it's a lot different from my monitor. On my monitor the flowers in my picture are distinctly blue, but the print is closer to purple. I asked some photographers with calibrated monitors to look at them and they claim they see purple flowers. I can't for the life of me get it to look's getting close though. If it helps, I'm trying to set the gamma to 2.2.

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    you can actually add a gamma line in /etc/X11/[XF86Config|xorg.conf] (whichever you're using)

    /me checks the exact location/syntax...

    add this to the Monitor section of xorg.conf:
    Gamma   1.70
    change the value to whatever you want it to be.
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    on gamma calibration (and calibration in general) you'd want to read guides on

    This site may sound a bit confusing at first, but be sure to read it through. There had been a great deal of debate as to whether the author is insane or not. It's just a matter of lacking info on human vision and nothing to do with the author's competency. I've done some reading and found his POW completely correct.

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