I'm new to the forum, but i've been working with Linux for a few months now, due to my job. I need to provide my employer with all the artwork he needs, and i'm using open source only. I've learned sofar that in open source a significant problem in a great deal of software programs is the lack of proper support of CMYK, needed for commercial output. i'm trying several options to know where i stand or can stand. The safest way now is using Scribus, but i really want to find a good way to support it in inkscape also. I think i may have found a way, but i need to test it.
That's why i'd like to find a PDF editing or preflight program like Acrobat pro or Pitstop pro, with the same function of actually reviewing if the objects in a PDF are CMYk or not. But it needs to be Linux-based. There's a plethora of programs out there and i've tried a few but none of them offer this function. The document properties function doesn't go as far as reviewing the color management of the document's objects.
I've also searched the forum here, but can't find an appropraite answer.

can anybody help me?

Thank you in advance.