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    Poor print quality on brother

    Hi --

    I have been getting terrible quality on my efforts to print graphics. Don't know whether it is related to the fairly new Brother LC61 printer. Used to get good prints. They are muddy, and very dark. Somehow what is in the monitor is not getting translated right. Dpi values are never below 300. I use Ubuntu. Any ideas why this might be?


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    Image Quality

    After 18 years in prepress I can only wish you good luck with your problem.
    Such a problem could be a lot of things. Is the image of good quality?
    Are you using the correct data stream?
    What has changed recently?
    Do other images print with good quality?
    Do other type of images print well? B/W, RGB color, CMYK color/ .Tiff, .EPS, .PNG,
    Do you have another printer to try?
    Can you take your image to another computer/printer? (A frinds system)
    Can you post your image on-line and let someone else look at it?
    What is your final usage for the image? Video./print/business-card/poster/banner/web?
    Did you use the same software to prepare it as you used for other good printing images?

    Answer some of the above and I'll see what I can do.

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    Actually, you don't give enough information to help you. Was this printer working OK, but at some time was not? Was it always generating poor output on Linux? What CUPS drivers are you using? If previously working ok on your system, what has changed since then (new drivers, kernel, libraries, etc)?
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