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    making a cartoon using mencoder

    Hello everyone

    I was hoping someone might have some suggestions for me, for a project i am currently working on.

    I've always wanted to make a cartoon, and i realized recently that i have all the tools currently with linux to make that a reality.

    My idea is, i want to make a traditional cartoon, as in hand animated frames, but my plan is rather than making actual cells (which is expensive) i can use the gimp to create virtual cells and create jpeg frames using the scanned layers that i draw.

    These frames can be later converted into video files using the "mf" option in mencoder and further edited with gui video editing tools, namely kdenlive.
    So far i have about 100 or so colored frames in jpeg format and i just wanna see if anyone has any thoughts or warnings.

    I have been reading the man pages for mencoder and looking online i have found the following line of code that works well.

    mencoder "mf://(directorywherepicsare)/*.jpg" -mf fps=15 -o output.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4

    this works pretty well, however i had some trouble initially as i was scanning the images at 600dpi, they where pointlessly large.

    Has anyone done anything similar, any experiences to share.
    I'm curios to know what the best video format would be, because i want it to be the best quality possible etc.

    I'm gonna be messing around to try and figure things out, for best results, i'll post back with anything interesting i find, but in the meantime i would love to hear and suggestions.


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    Both mencoder and ffmpeg can turn a sequence of jpeg images into a video (add your own sound track). Not hard. A lot of folks do just that to make animations on Linux. Have fun! And if you can, post the results here when you are done!
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