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    Capturing Video Tool Using Simple Webcam

    Hello Guys!

    May I please ask on a link or guide on how I may be able to capture a video using an ordinary webcam.

    My brother is asking for my help since someone keeps on throwing
    garbage in their lot and he needs to record who the offender is. Reading some materials in our forums, I saw that it can be done with ffmpeg and perhaps vlc.

    Can someone please point me on how to start or better still if I can be guided through the process .

    Thanks and regards!

    EDIT: By the way, the distro that I installed in his netbook is ubuntu. FWIW
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    With vlc it is quite easy, but make sure you have v4l2 (Video 4 Linux v2) installed on your system. First, make sure that it works.

    1. Make sure the system recognizes your video device. You should see an entry in /dev such as /dev/video0.
    2. Start VLC
    3. Select "Open Capture Device" from the Media menu.
    4. Set Capture mode to "Video for Linux 2" ( that should be the default ).
    5. Set Video device name to /dev/video0 ( assuming that is the device name ).
    6. Click on the Play button.

    You should now see whatever the camera is pointing at. Assuming this works, stop the playback and do this.

    1. Select "Convert/Save" from the Media menu.
    2. Open the "Capture Device" tab. You should see the same form you filled in with the Capture operation performed above, with the fields still filled in.
    3. Click on the Convert/Save button. You can now input a destination file, and select the video output type from the "Profile" list. The default is MP4. Click on the Start button. You won't see an output screen now - just the basic VLC form, but it will be capturing to the file you specified.
    4. After recording for a few seconds, stop the capture, select the "Open File" entry in the Media menu, navigate to where the output file went, and select the file you recorded to. You should now see what you have captured.
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