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    Thanks, thats a useful program but it only does half the job, I need something that lets me enter music on manuscript and let midi play it back. Any suggestions 4 that?

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    Hi mate, I have no experience with MIDI, however i think the solution is to use rosegarden and ardour, which can (I think) be synced together using qjackctl (JACK). you can also link up a drum machine this way (Hydrogen).

    Depending on what distro you're using planetccrma may be the place to go to get these from (I'm on fedora core 3 and ardour & hydrogen | jack works a treat)

    Good luck in your project.

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    Problem to start Jack audio server

    When I start Ardour i got the message "Can't start Jack server".
    I don't know how to start it.
    Please HELP!!!!

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    Ok, I only just installed ardour, but i got that too.

    make sure you have jack installed. Its some kinda program that links up the sound from lots of apps and mixes it into one stream played out of your speakers....

    Anyway, I typed:

    jack -R -d alsa

    after i installed it, and it gave a load of weird looking messages, but i restarted ardour and it works. I think. I dont know how to use it, I literally just got it working 10 mins ago!

    Hope that helps!

    Also, for ur GCSE thing, i think ardour or rosegarden would be ok.

    When i did mine i used sibelieous on a windows pc! Hope u make some mental tunes! post them up here when they r doone!

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    qjackctl is a good program for controlling jack.

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