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    Video Editing (50p)with linux

    Which Linux would be the best for editing videos with 50p 1080 resolution??
    The common meanning In video-editing forums is that „you can forget it with Linux“,, or „it costs a lot of nervs“ and „only a few „stubborn hardliners“ get it work. Is it true?
    Yesterday I downloaded Kdnlive, Im already spoiled from Sonyvegas so the surprise was not very pleasent...
    I can live without all those comforts of Vegas/windows but the video (50p) was played very very slow („played“ wouldnt be the right word for it). Also, only one Processor workd although I sett it to 3 (the maxsimum what possible with Kdnline).
    I tried it on Ubutnu 12.04, maybe its not the optimal Linux for it.
    Is there a recomended Linux for video editing?

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    Any current linux can do this - it is the editing application that counts, such as kdenlive, cinelerra, etc. along with the video hardware you are running. There are Linux distributions that are tuned/optimized for video applications such as this. One that is highly thought of is Ubuntu Studio, at least last year (2012):
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    You might give Ubuntu Studio a look, comes with lots of FOSS Multimedia and Graphics editing programs preloaded.

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