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    How can I make my images into themes for Xfce?

    At least six years ago, I was able to create themes for a Sony phone interface using a Windows program, and after searching the internet and the software servers, I've seen nothing of the sort for Xfce Linux (Linux Mint, It's killing me not having a means to make my own themes out of images I've made in GIMP, but people are obviously doing this somehow or another, the question is how. Is there a program for this, or do I need to hand-code the Xfce themes? How and where can I get started?

    I'm running Xfce in Linux Mint. Nobody's helping me with this over on the LM site (?????), so if you can help it would be most appreciated.

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    OK, first a really silly question. Do you mean desktop background or the window decorations and panels etc?

    If you mean the later, I don't know if there is specific tool to create them. Have a look in /usr/share/themes/ which is where the system wide themes go and you can see what's needed. You can also put themes in ~/.themes but only you will be able to use them.
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    I don't use xfce, but howto:install_new_themes [Xfce Wiki] has some decent themes. They look pretty standard. A bunch of xpms and an rc file to go with them.

    Gimp will do xpm, but you need the right libXpm to export . There was security issues with many of the libXpms that are out there, and the one that I finally got to work was an old one, libXpm-3.5.7.tar.gz, dated about Sep 2007. Using the libXpm that came with my system, I could not save xpms from gimp.

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