I'm mostly just going to use it for documents, but I want the capability of near photo quality since the need arises from time to time. An ADF would be nice, but not necessary. Legal size (8.5x14) is a requirement, but 11x17 would definitely be nice. I'd like to keep this under $600, but I may be willing to push that ceiling up to $800 for the right hardware. USB 2.0 is the minimum, Firewire would be nice, SCSI would be even better.

Oh yeah, and it has to have a solid build quality. Flimsy plastic is an absolute deal breaker.

I was looking at the Microtek i900, but then I checked over at sane-project.org and discovered it isn't even listed in the CVS compatability database. What's more, the Microtek's that are listed aren't very well supported as a whole, so I don't have high hopes.

Where should I be looking? I'm not a big fan of Epson as a company, but I may be willing to compromise if nothing else is going to come close.

By the way, just how important is dpi these days? Should I be more interested in finding a product with a higher quality cmos sensor or some such? I noticed that the Microtek i700 has a significantly higher dpi rating, yet costs quite a bit less than the i900.