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Thread: CorelDRAW?

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    What I have is a legal copy on the original CD. Sorry, but I don't pirate software unless the company's long out of business.

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    CorelDraw Linux

    I agree with your general premise sideburns, but I would add the case where the software is no longer being sold, which appears to be the case here. I'd buy a copy of CorelDraw for Linux were it available, but it isn't and by all accounts the Windows version doesn't work particularly well with wine/Crossover.

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    Thumbs up Have CDR12 working within Ubuntu 10.04

    Quote Originally Posted by smurf View Post
    I read the info from your Xara link, GREAT NEWS.
    From what I can see Xara is as powerfull as Corel Draw. I have never used Xara so I'm just going on what I read.

    All that is keeping me with w**doze is Corel Draw & photoshop, although photoshop is more hobby based than work. If I can get Corel Working on Linux, or Xara is as good its all over.... Linux 100%
    Hi: Try using VirtualBox and it is awesome - made a windows XP box and CorelDraw12 suite works awesomely - actually XP boots up faster within the VBox environment than choosing it during my laptop startup (Have not been able in any other Ubuntu/Windows - emulating software to make Corel Programs work - not CrossOver, or any Wine configuration using PlayOnLinux) - I have an Acer Travelmate with a 2GHz Duo Intel Centrino, 3GB of RAM and an extra 22" screen on the side - heaven! There is though out there old CorelPhotoPaint 9 for linux - very hard to make it work and I have no clue on how to make the "Corel-Wine" work or select it in PlayOnLinux - hope this helps - maybe too late!!

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