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    a few tips please

    I am applying for a job of "sign maker" and the job spec is *slightly* beond my current abilities. in my letter of aplication im going to include a link to a portfolio of my artwork on my website. problem is that i dont ahev a great deal of stuff that i made yet so i could use a few hints on some nice flashy effects to apply to images or to create images easy and quickly. anyone have any reccomendations? bmxface: could you remind me how you acheived the scratch marks on your sig image? oh yeah and what was that irc network/chan (i deleeted my config files for xchat:/)?

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    sorry i have not been on these forums alot :\ i been real damn busy #liquidchat will forward you to the server its really on....and for the scratch marks...i will have to get back to you lol...i kinda forgot...ill figure itout seeing as i know GENERALLY what i did but not exact....havnt had much time for anything between school and dont think i abandoned you guys

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