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    Gimp History Brush?

    Does anyone know how to get the Photoshop history brush function in The Gimp? I've read that some people can do it, and I've read that others say it's not included in The Gimp.

    What History Brush lets you do is make a brush out of broad changes to your image. For example, if you reduce your opacity on the image, then step back in history, you can assign that action to your history brush and then paint in the lighter regions the opacity action would've done to the whole image. It allows highlighting and, for digital photographers, to make it look like they used a flash on their camera in certain sections when they really didn't, among other things.

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    You can achieve a similar effect in the GIMP rather simply:

    1. Duplicate the layer you want to modify.
    2. Do your transformation on the lower layer.
    3. Use the eraser tool to make parts of the top layer transparent and expose the lower parts. If you need more flexibility than this, you can draw on a layer mask with whatever tools you like.

    The obvious limitation of this technique is that it only works for one layer.

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    Ah, that sounds actually rather effective... Sweet.

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