HI folks,
Well, I was a little tired last night when I posted the wallpaper atomical clock in the wallpaper section.....

The wallpaper was specifically made to be a Xandros Wallpaper by a student of mine from a wallpaper he did and he had given me two versions, the original and the one with "dedication to Xandros" on it that you can see at my fansite for Xandros......

wellllllll duuuuuhhhhhh I uploaded, downloaded the first one before he put the "dedication to Xandros"....is there an "easy way" to remove the present one and then upload the correct one?

Hey, this place is great.....lotsa stuff buzzin around....thanks for the help!

And, I've told folks over at the forums about this forum....good on!

ain't xandros great!