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    Linux Image Viewing / Editing Apps

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum - but although I am really happy with my recent changeover from Windoze to Debian Linux - one app that I REALLY miiss is compupic 6.1. This app is a basic image viewer with basic editing functions (contrast, shapness filters etc...) BUT the really cool feature it had was on-the-fly viewing of images in an archive (ZIP, TZ etc..).

    I have been unable to find a linux app which has these functions (I tried compupic 5.1 for Linux but got a segmentation fault). The killer feature I really need is the ability to browse images in archived files without unpacking them first.

    Does anyone know of a linux app which will do this??

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    I'm pretty sure a combination of Konqueror and Kwikview (sp?) will do what you need it to.

    Konqueror can browse zip files without unpacking them, and Kwikview has the features you need.

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    GImageView can do that, its a pretty neat tool.

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    Gwenview can go into zip files and tar balls. It's a native KDE application, so it's a natural choice if you use KDE.

    In my opinion, it's a highly dubious feature, because image files are already compressed. People who keep image archives in zip files should be smacked upside the head.
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    What about bitmaps, Isaac?
    The GIMP can open & save Bzip and Gzip image archives, but it won't be "on the fly" like Konquerer.

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