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    A Gimp Sponge Tool

    Alright, I need a sponge tool in The Gimp.

    If you don't know what this is, a sponge tool is something from photoshop that emulates what old photographers used to do with... Well, a wet sponge on a photo: Bring out colors. You set it on the setting you want, shadows or highlights, etc., and then you run it over a spot on the photo. The result will be a brighter color there.

    I have a dark photo of people walking in the snow, and I want to bring out the bright color of their scarfs. (From a blackish-red to a candy red) If you know how to do this in the gimp, please tell me. Using a paintbrush and doing it by hand is unacceptable, especially since commercial programs (Photoshop) include this by default and, yet, I can't figure out how to do it in the Gimp.

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    I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but I suspect that you want the "levels" tool. This tool isn't shown in the toolbox by default, but you can enable it by checking its box in the Dialogues -> Tools dialogue.

    To use it, you have to select the area you want to enhance. The easiest way to do this is to draw on the QuickMask. Once you've done that, select the tool, and you should be presented with a confusing dialogue with lots of sliders. I recommend reading its section of the GIMP help files, assuming that you have those installed. (Alternatively, you can just fool around until you get the results you want.)

    Let me know if this works!

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    You mean just lightening up something? For that you can use the Dodge/Burn tool in Dodge mode (experiment with the Highlights/Midtowns/Shadows settings for what you want to lighten up - dark, normal or light colors)

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    Unfortunately, it is neither of those.

    I have some Photoshop training, and I am aware of what Levels does: Exposure correction. I also know how to use dodge and burn.

    Sponge is actually, in Photoshop anyway, a third tool tied in with Dodge and Burn. But instead of lightening/darkening, it brings out colors. As I said, it brings a dark red into a candy-apple red if you paint a spot enough. It's very useful for adding color to a scene.

    I was hoping the Gimp could do this, but it doesn't appear to be the case with the version available. Oh well.

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    Have you tried

    They might have something there. Also, search google for the Grokking the GIMP book. They have a section on brightening colors, although I'm not sure if it is with a sponge tool.

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    One way to do it

    Most of these filter-brushes can be simulated as follows

    • Duplicate the layer
    • Let a filter or a tool do the job for the entire layer (here change the saturation of the layer);
    • Add a layermask to the new layer and make it black
    • Paint with white over the layermask

    There is also a way by using a clone stamp (in registered mode)

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