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    is there a png2svg?

    Hi, I want to do something and I don't know if it's possible.
    I am using the imagemagick command-line tools to crop and trim batches of png images but I want to resize them without loosing quality. I thought I could convert from png to svg but I can't find any program that does that. Does anyone have a png2svg that they use? I know gimp has an svg plugin but I find gimp command-line image manipulation to be too much of a hassle (at least compared to imagemagick), so I have never learned how to use the Gimp for batch file conversions and don't want to take the time to either.

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    SVGs are a different type of image file - instead of storing each pixel, they store shapes and similar stuff so they can be drawn at any size "on the fly". You could redraw the images as svgs (I've heard Inkscape is a good program for that), but there's no magic way to convert a bitmapped image to a vector image so the quality will be perfect at any size.
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    you can use potrace or autotrace to trace a bw image, putting them into a script may be a good solution.
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    Another, relatively recently opened up, alternative to Inkscape is XaraXtreme. Haven't tried it myself yet, but it's something you could look into if you've exhausted present possiblities.

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    Xara claimed to be the fastest vector graphic available. Yet this is great news for Linux users, since it was a commercial software before. I've download it but havent do any stress test into the software (doing major graphic thing)

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