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    Odd UV map error in Blender 2.42

    I very recently switched to Fedora Core 6. I am very unfamiliar with Linux, so please forgive any misunderstandings I may have with it.

    I'm reasonably new to Blender (less than a year), but I feel fairly confident that I understand the basics of texture mapping. I've had no issues like this crop up until very recently, and I would like to eliminate potential causes.

    I use Blender at work; 2.43. It is in an Windows XP box. I had been (until recently) running an XP box at home, with 2.43 as well. I am currently running 2.42 as that is what is available through the Yum updater, and honestly can't figure out how to upgrade (don't laugh). I've included two renders, one from work and one from home after uncompressing the WinZIP copy of the exact same file.

    Nevertheless, the result is perplexing. It is as though the entire UV map set has been deleted (All maps are gone from all of the objects).

    I've tried this same request on the Blender forums with no joy.

    Any suggestions/ideas?

    Thank you,

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    Can I see the .blend file?

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    I don't use Blender myself.

    I'm a C4D for Mac person.
    But many things are universal.

    1st thing, do you have your texture paths set with the same directories and images on both machines?

    2nd, does blender have an archive function?
    Most 3D apps do, and it gathers all the resources used in the file and compresses it in a zip.
    Is there any possibility that the 2 copies of Blender have different settings?
    Such as units, object/world coordinate systems?

    Since I don't know anything about Blender other than the UI is hideous, I'm wondering if you have to tell Blender to save/export the UV coordinates.
    It's also possible that Blender has a default projection for UV's which is different on the 2 machines.

    Also, how are you setting up your UV's?
    Are you using procedural materials or are you unwrapping the mesh?

    And last, is there any chance that the normals are being flipped by one of the copies of Blender?
    Because that's actually what it looks like to me in the image.
    Either that or the mesh is being tesselated(triangulated) when saved or opened, but Blender is converting it to quads or Ngons when it opens the file.

    Another board you can post this to which has always been a huge help to me is CGTalk.
    They have a forum dedicated to Blender.

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    Hi, glaston

    This thread is one and one-half years old already, and is really too old to be bringing back to the top of the list for discussion. In addition, the original poster hasn't logged in since starting the thread.

    If you should have any questions about Blender, please start a new thread outlining them, and I'm going to close this thread in the interim.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

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