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Your Favorite Websites

  1. cousinlucky
    Being a curious fellow I am wondering about the favorite websites of others and whether I might find them interesting!! I do not know the total number of websites on the Internet but I usually run across many from just one posting that was referred to somewhere else. My favorites are:

    Mark Fiore's Animated Cartoon Site
  2. hazel
    Well, this is definitely mine! I go to Debian Forums sometimes but I don't much like the atmosphere there: there's a lot of sarcasm, trolling and flaming.
  3. cousinlucky
    My local newspaper the Staten Island Advance has an on-line forum
    that I find myself visiting more often as the election draws near.

    Do you visit any blogs of people whose opinions you admire?
  4. hazel
    Nah! Haven't got time.
  5. Rubberman
    I get a number of RSS feeds that keep me up with news, events, and general tech blather. The ones I like are:

    Bruce Schneier's web site and security blog: Schneier on Security
    John Sinteur's blog, The Daily Irrelevant: The daily irrelevant
    Groklaw: Groklaw - Digging for Truth
    Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff that matters
    Tech Dirt: | The source for Linux information
    Welcome to []

    and of course, The Reg: The Register: Sci/Tech News for the World
  6. cousinlucky
    I may not understand anything on any of your links Rubberman but I might click a few later on in the week. PS. I have not received any mail from you!!
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