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Close the Internet - I hope not!

  1. cousinlucky
    The latest batch of stuff from Wikileaks is ramping up calls to restrict the Internet again. As much as I despise spammers and ads I do not want to see on-line freedom hindered in any way.
  2. Rubberman
    Well, if you don't keep the cockroaches in the light, they just go into the corners and proliferate! And I'm not referring to Wikileaks and such, but those who want to throttle internet freedom in the name of "security". I say, more power to Wikileaks, OpenLeaks, and whoever else (shades of Woodward & Bernstein) can get the dirt on these fascist buttheads!
  3. cousinlucky
    I like that fascist buttheads terminology, Rubberman!!
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