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  1. rokytnji
    Received new ram. It came shipped in Anti static bag. But. Both sticks were stacked on top of each other with no insulation between the sticks. So. No post to bios when I inserted new ram. Probably trashed ram by sticks being rubbed together during shipment from Hong Kong. The nightmare begins. Sent 2 emails to seller, Will probably have to start a paypal dispute. What kills me is my old 512MB stick when inserted now throws out 3 beep code error on power up to post (which does not show). Arrrrrrrrrrrgh. Dead Emachine now and out 20 bucks so far. The adventure to Elysium begins. I'm pissed.
  2. jayd512
    Damn... that blows , Roky.
    I love online ordering for my hardware, but I hate it for the reasons you just mentioned.
    Give 'em hell, man! Get your money, or get your product!
  3. rokytnji
    The adventure begins:

    At first glance, I thought that memory was just bad and regular exchange would work. But after reading one post online, I contacted manufacturer support.

    This is unique scenario for you. You do need LOW density memory module for eMachines W3507, but your System manufacturer is picky. What they need is not same spec as we have advertised. Their requirement is slightly different and there is cost difference.

    We do offer the upgrade as option - if you wish, and there is no additional profit. You only pay for cost difference. All we ask in return is please create win win for us by giving us positive feedback for customer service with 5 STAR DSR ratings. ( Anything less and we get penalized by eBay in different ways)

    You had purchased Qty1 & paid $20.00 for 2GB 2 X 1GB PC4200 DDR2 533 533MHz PC-2 DESKTOP RAM MEM

    These are three Options for you

    Option 1: Refund. As a part of customer satisfaction we will issue FULL REFUND.
  4. rokytnji
    Option 2: Upgrade

    Option 2A: UPGRADE to OEM Manufacturer. We have purchased from them and they are reliable. Price difference is low and it is what you need without spending bunch with major manufacturer. Cost difference is $16.90.

    Option 2B: UPGRADE to MAJOR manufacturer as specifically recommended by Manufacturer. Price difference is high but then you know it is what you have been asked by manufacturer to have. Cost difference is $ 20.50.

    Option 3: Replacement:- We will replace your non working sticks with NEW memory.

    Please let me know which way you wish go.
  5. rokytnji
    They never answered my on of my questions on why they shipped 2 sticks of ram in one anti-static bag when we know it ram should be shipped in a separate anti-static bag for each individual stick. Being frugal with the bags is poor shipping practice. I am not sure if I am being bull puckied with the unique scenario section of their email reply to me also. I replied again with what is up with anti-static bags and explain option 2a and 2b better before I decide on what plan of action to take next. Option 3 seems to contradict the unique scenario statement. Huh!
  6. rokytnji
    Screw it. Went for option 2b as ram is guaranteed for lifetime and I want that Desktop up and working. Total cost on that Desktop has now gone up to $40.00. At least I did not have to fork out money for a operating system.

    On a side note. The Wife appreciated what I did for the Older Lady buddy of hers that she bought me a 23" Acer wall mountable (has a pedestal also) LCD Monitor. It'll get here Wednesday. That will go on my Asus Board, Shuttle Case, Gamer Desktop Box (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) with a Nvidia 7900 GTX video card. The old IBM 19" CRT will be moved to the Emachine (AntiX 11 Base Iso). So I shouldn't *****=female dog in heat I guess. Could be worse.

    It's not like I don't have enough toys to play with.
  7. jayd512
    Sounds great, Roky! And when it comes down to it, more toys is almost always a good thing
  8. rokytnji
    Just got my 23 inch wide monitor going on the Ubuntu Gaming box. I can finally take advantage of my graphics card and high power (for me anyways) Desktop.

    Ram should be in for Emachine some time next week I hope. Hope they get it right this time. This one is going into the Motorcycle shop so I can bring in the iBM M57 I have doing duty out there. Slowly getting my ahem together.
  9. rokytnji
    Got the Emachine up and going again with a 1 gig stick from the local computer shop guy. He is a cool dude since he appreciates that I am teaching him Antix. Screeny
  10. jayd512
    Nice, uuhhh... landscape. Yaah... nice landscape in the picture.
    The bike, mountains and sky ain't bad, either!
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