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  1. rokytnji
    I'm finding it harder and harder to reply to threads because of titles like this "Anyone know why I can install windows on my laptop, but not Fedora" , "Ok, so how do I install Fedora 15 on my laptop.....? Geniuses ", " love it when my question is not answerd, as this proves my high IQ" sheesh, the high IQ can't even spell answered.

  2. MikeTbob
    I'll try to edit those when I see them.
  3. jayd512
    LOL! Yeah... I loved the 'High IQ' topic
  4. rokytnji

    Give me a break already. I can't dumb down enough to answer.
  5. jayd512
    ROFL! And if you notice the same thing I did... he might still be in for a hurtin'.
  6. rokytnji
    Usually rock out with pianobar in the shop on a Saturday night drinking and hanging with the bros but tonight I found this station which is pretty killer.
  7. rokytnji
    Argh, posting answers from the waiting lobby at doctors office on my eeepc with folks looking over my shoulder wondering what operating system I am running. Them. "how much does it cost"? Me, "it's free". Them, "where"? Me, shows them distro watch page, then image burn page, then a presentation on how a live cd works. My work is never done.

    Crap, Gotta show up again tomorrow for lab work. These Vampires (Health Care) are sucking me dry.
  8. jayd512
    "These Vampires (Health Care) are sucking me dry. "
    Yeah... I know the feeling. There's nothin' like hangin' out with Dracula, and his ghouls with the gurneys.
  9. rokytnji
    Happy New Years,

    Some people were tailor made to ride bikes, others, um, were perhaps not...
  10. rokytnji
    @roky It was ignorant of me to expect free help from the type of individuals who choose to use this terrible platform. Your generic advise didn't help and wasn't appreciated.
    My ignore list keeps getting bigger and bigger here
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