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  1. jayd512
    I know what you mean about LILO... I tried messing with it, but I think I just like GRUB better. Seems to me like it's just way easier to setup!
    On a side note, I gave up on CRUX 2.5 for the time being. I think My old dino of a computer just decided that CRUX was a bit to much to handle, so I'll be getting me a new lappy in the next week or so. Then it'll be playtime!
  2. rokytnji
    I am so used to Hand me down. That my Panasonic Cf-48 is my top of the Line Lappy. The IBM T21 that I inherited from the wife is a bonus for now. I'm a distro hopping fool on it for now. It's been causing lack of sleep, reinstall this. Install that. Format,Shrink, Double Boot, Triple boot, Then Killdisk, and chase my tail all over again. I saw your fortitude and steadfastness with the crux 2.5. I'm kinda in that boat right now between Zenwalk and Sidux. Only way to learn though. Trial and Error.
  3. jayd512
    Sleep? What is this 'sleep' you speak of? Dude... there are some nights when I think I have things like xorg.conf running through my brain so much that I have dreams about it!
  4. rokytnji
    Quote: I have things like xorg.conf running through my brain so much that I have dreams about it :Quote

    And I thought I was the only one having these kinda dreams. ROFL
  5. jayd512
    Trust me, bro... you ain't the only one!

    Now I got me a new project going on... or will have one soon. Ya might be able to help me out on this one, roky. I got a new Acer laptop to play with, and ain't ever played around with wireless on Linux. You got any links pointing out some easy pointers on getting some Wi-Fi up and running?
  6. jayd512
    Well, I got my wireless going! Now I can be totally mobile... I'm dangerous now!
  7. rokytnji
    Tried to help. But I am not the maestro that Waterhead is. At least he posted the same links for Wireless N that I did. So I don't feel too inadequate. Glad your dangerous now. Get em tiger.
  8. dijetlo
    Good lord, Jay is mobile, hide your women.
    Rocky is likely with him, better stow the beer to....
  9. jayd512
    /quote]better stow the beer to....[/quote]

    Ah... so you have been taking notes!
  10. rokytnji
    Living in the Desert it is very important to keep yourself Hydrated. The calories are good for you to. Unless you drink Red Stripe, Shiner Bock, or Fosters Oil Cans, there is usually no reason to hide your beer from me. I'm kinda picky. Now Weed could be a different story dijetlo. Mocha Tay.

    There is a old mexican joke I'll post later in jokes and threads. Pertains kinda to hiding your Women.
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