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  1. rokytnji
    Just popped a 1 gig stick into my old Panasonic CF-48 Laptop. Linux flies on it now. So happy with it I just bought 2 512mb sticks for my Ibm T23 running AntiX/Xubuntu. Coming out of the dark ages slowly but surely.
  2. MikeTbob
    Man I forgot all about this group I joined, HEY GUYS!!!
  3. rokytnji
    Coming out of the dark ages slowly but surely.

    Just borked my Amrel laptop. Snapped off touchpad connector on mobo while upgrading ram. 1 ram slot sits under keyboard. Connector suffered from fatigue I guess. I am looking at cutting, then lengthening 8 touchpad wires. Then gonna try to direct solder them to pin connections on mobo later. PITA its gonna be. External mouse ok for now. These are tough laptops to work on. Like working on bikes better. Oh, and hey back atcha MikeTbob.
  4. jayd512
    Hey, Mike! Welcome back, man!

    roky... you're a braver man than I. I don't think I'd even wanna try soldering directly on a mobo. Good luck, bro!
  5. rokytnji
    Well after working on my scooters, (spring tuneups) and cleaning floor in 1 garage, I got bored and decided to install Enlightenment on my Stable Ubuntu Hardy on my Panasonic laptop. I was either gonna break my install or have the option to change session from Gnome to Enlightenment. Desktop. Changed my sources list in Terminal and I was off to the races. Took about 1 and 1/2 hours to download and install. Had some errors relating to OZOS Desktop Base. Used aptitude to install Base to correct errors. Then to beat all Hell, Ubuntu had a kernel update and other assorted updates. So I bit the bullet and updated also right after the install. Had to reboot because of Kernel update, looked at my wife, and said "honey this is how you either have fun with Linux or ya break your install. Well I am typing this out using the Enlightenment Desktop. Logged in and out of Gnome to make sure everything else is kosher. So far so good.
  6. rokytnji
    Have to do this in 2 posts.
    If I can just finish up my other shop building I'll be one happy camper. After shop is finished and tools moved into, I'll start tearing into that Amrel Motherboard.
    Its Not Bravery Jay. Ignorance is bliss in my case. Pays to be lucky though. Happy Trails.
  7. jayd512
    Well... It's time to distro-hop again for a bit. One of the first distros I ever tried to install was Slackware 9. Never could manage to get a working install, though I'm gonna give it another go-round with 12.2.
  8. rokytnji
    So how is it working out for ya Jay? What Desktop did ya install?
  9. jayd512
    I started off with the entire DVD, which has KDE as the default. Now I'm trying to get a handle on package management. Once I get the hang of it, I'll probly re-do everything as a trim install with IceWM.
  10. rokytnji
    Believe it or not. I ran Zenwalk just long enough to bring it to a screeching halt. Seemed to have to many bug fixes after install to suit me. Puppy believe it or not was less buggy and stable. And Puppy leaves you permenantly in root land. I seem to remember slaptget as the package handler in Slackware. Zenwalk had Netpkg and Zendo. Worked kinda like synaptic.
    Fighting my AntiX 8 Install at the moment. Changed themes in Icewm and Fluxbox. Now Nitrogen (Wallpaper chooser app) is friggin empty, when it should have my wallpaper files in it.( Guess that makes me a distro slut. But I'm driving and riding on top dammit)
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