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  1. jayd512
    Let's see just how proud you feel after the 20th "Honeyyy..."! All the same, good job, roky!

    I'm still anticipating the same thing, though. My little lady is still looking at a Mint install... just hasn't gotten around to it as of yet
  2. rokytnji
    Picked up a Asus EEE 900 (Xandros). 1.7 hgz Pentium M, 1gig ram, 16 gig SSD plus internal 4 gig Flash for total of 20 gigs. 5800 mah battery. Refurbished (guess a windows user didn't want it) for $189.00 US. Now to go shopping for some SD or SDHC Flash drives for multibooting baby.
  3. jayd512
    Have you decided yet on what combination you're going to dual-boot with?
  4. rokytnji
    Life kicked in Jay. Been Busy. Installed EEEBuntu 9.04. Ran like a pig. So tried AntiX 8 . Ran fast but Grub Error 15 after install to flash card. When I get some time, I might finally get the balls up to see If I can Crux a flash drive. I will be a whiny baby on the forum though once I attempt this. Waiting for life to settle down first. I have already tricked out the Stock Xandros Easy Desktop to work more like regular Icewm. Keeping Xandros on it.
  5. rokytnji
    Nix on the Crux install Jay, I couldn't get past kernel panic bootup on Crux 2.4. I guess my skill set is lacking still for a Crux install. Trying to reinstall AntiX 8.3 Testing instead. Easier for me to figure out a Grub error than Kernel Panic I guess.
  6. MikeTbob
    Quoted by a redneck biker: Unless you drink Red Stripe, Shiner Bock, or Fosters Oil Cans, there is usually no reason to hide your beer from me. I'm kinda picky. Now Weed could be a different story
    There is a old mexican joke I'll post later in jokes and threads. Pertains kinda to hiding your Women.

    OMG, he likes my beer,,,isn't picky about his weed and I think I'm gonna hide my woman just to be safe......good thing Linux is free! I think it's 4:20...laters.
  7. teenytinylinuxgrl
    Hi! New girl here. Started on an Ubuntu/LXDE mixture, played with Gnome a little, just got introduced to PCLOS which is amazing so far! it's wonderful to have so much to choose from. I can't believe it!

    Twirling gleefully,
  8. MikeTbob
    Careful there Amy, you'll twirl yourself into motion sickness. Welcome to our little group........we forget to check this section every now and then, so don't feel bad if you don't get a response for weeks.
  9. MikeTbob
    Anyone still alive here?
  10. jayd512
    Just came back to life, my man!
    How's everybody been here?
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