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  1. rokytnji
    Holidays, been busy with Family and Partying Jay.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, Rok
  2. jayd512
    It's nice to be back.
    Trying to get back in the swing of things
  3. MikeTbob
    Glad to have you back Jay, been wonderin where you were.
  4. jayd512
    Yeah... I was kinda busy with this and that for a bit.
    Part of it was a new job, where all of a sudden I find myself dealing with Apple computers all day
    I swear, I'd love to walk into an office for an interview and here them say: "Yes, we use Linux. Are you familiar with it?"

  5. MikeTbob
    LOL that would rock!
    I think I just heard the sound of a chair being thrown in Redmond.
  6. rokytnji
    Horror story for the day.

    I had the Asus EEEPC 900 broke out. I was doing my normal apt-get upgrade on AntiX 8.5 getting my latest xorg and other stuff downloaded ad upgraded. Saw I had about 50 minutes of downloads coming so stepped away. I left the Asus on asmall 4 foot high round table I keep in front of my LazyBoy and stepped outside. Doing this wirelessly with the AC adapter plugged in.

    My wife decides to let the dogs in the house while I was outside. The dogs are hyper and joyful and start racing through the house, jumping on the couch and stuff as usual. I hear a crash. Then my Wifes voice saying, "The dogs just knocked over your small table and your laptop is on the floor. Were you doing anything?" I yell ,"Hell yeah, I was upgrading!" She answers, "well the laptop looks shutoff". Wife is a diehard Windows 7 and Vista user. Contined in next post
  7. rokytnji
    I come inside and check things out. Screen aint broken but the plastic body creaks in places when I press on the screen and bottomcase. I look and sure enough my front LEDs aren't lit.. Dread over comes me when I hit the power button. Low and Behold. I boot back into AntiX. Wireless conects. No error messages on bootup. I give my wife a grim look. "I hope my upgrade aint broke". I check with a apt-get update and then a apt-get upgrade. Whew. My Upgrade takes off where it left off.

    I gotta say. Asus EEE 900 is one tough Netbook. May not be the fastest or most featured unit. But the dogs couldn't break it. And AntiX was pretty forgivable to with a sudden shutdown during a upgrade (though the power shutdown was done during the downloading process. Not the install process) .
  8. rokytnji
    And yeah Jay and Haze and I see that Dapper Dan chimed in also l. I tried installing Crux 2.4. Got lost right from the get go. Didn't ask for help because I was embarrassed because you guys learned me better.

    After seeing all the responses. I may give Crux 2.6 a go. I got enough Laptops to experiment with. The panasonic CF-48 1.8ghz , 1.25 gig of ram, 100 gig hardrive has enough partition room for a crux install. I am just all thumbs when it comes to Crux though. You gotta remember.
    No LUGS in the desert out here. Anything I have learned to do is with a biker mentality and no computer training what so ever. If it wan't for open source postings, documentation, and forums. I would know nothing like I know now. I am more of a shady tree linux friganeer than a Linux guru like my profile/avatar states. Happy Trails, Rok
  9. jayd512
    "I am more of a shady tree linux friganeer than a Linux guru like my profile/avatar states."

    I think you give yourself to little credit. Given enough time and a good reason, I've seen you tromp through some nice toe-jammers! B-)
  10. MikeTbob
    Don't feel bad about Crux roky, I failed it too on my first attempt and haven't revisited it yet. I will kick it's @ss eventually though, I just do not like being beaten.
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