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  1. jayd512
    I know what you mean, Mike... probly why I haven't tried to tackle Gentoo, yet!
  2. rokytnji
    I've been out of the forum for a bit. Had to go to Phoenix Arizona to take care of my Mom for a bit. No internet access except for Starbucks. Tired of drinking coffee and the 115F heat out here. This country Biker will be glad to get back to my Crib in the Boondocks. Don't Like the Big City being a country boy. Too much sensory overkill for me . So will be out of touch for a bit.
  3. rokytnji
    Back Home now. Moms doing OK. Glad to be back.
  4. MikeTbob
    Glad ur back Roky, hope everything is good with your family.
  5. rokytnji
    New Lappy for me because I was such a good boy. Well, Not exactly new. But I always wanted one.


    Thanks Bro (MikeTbob). Moms chugging along with a walker. I don't think she will be the same again though but then again. Who the hell is .

    Happy Trails, Rok
  6. rokytnji
    Man, the longer I spend here answering questions and greeting new members. The more I find myself deleting subscriptions to threads. Is it me or are some new linux users are coming across as ingrates?

    Emphasis on "some new linux users"

    Must be getting crotchety in this summer heat I guess.
  7. jayd512
    It's not just your imagination, Roky. I've seen a few posts from newer members that made me think the same thing.
  8. rokytnji
    As fall approaches I see more and more KOOKS joining and posting here in the forum. I even think some are just Linux FUD spreaders. Never miss a chance to dis Linux (which I know is far from perfect) but nobody is twisting their arms to join and just post negative comments about Linux in their every post. Never liked Etna California much anyways when I lived in Cali. Redding was a much nicer town.
  9. jayd512
    Redding is a nice little place, I agree.
    But I guess growing up in the Bay Area, I'm a little more partial to Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Redwood City.
  10. rokytnji
    Just got back from Moms. Plenty to eat and drink over holidays. Felt good to cheer her up. Happy New Years, Rok
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