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  1. rokytnji
    Saw Tron in 3D. Was fun.
  2. MikeTbob
    That is a movie I want to see. I guess I need to revisit the original movie first because it's been that long since I saw it.

    (note to self)
    SELF, check this discussion more often.!
    I seem to forget this part of the forum exists for weeks at a time.
  3. rokytnji
    Yeah, The crickets get pretty loud in here. -12F here in the desert tonight. My lap looks like a zoo of Dogs and Cats.
  4. MikeTbob
    Dang! That's cold!
    We were sent home from UPS last Tuesday because of the Weather/Snow/Ice. First time in 36 years(This location) is the last I heard. It usually doesn't get that bad around these parts of the world.
  5. rokytnji
    Scooter riding weather lately.

  6. rokytnji
    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. This freaking Testing cycle for Mepis and AntiX is cutting into my riding time.
  7. jayd512
    Yeah... depending on the weather in your part of Texas, that would be a tough choice!
  8. rokytnji
    Well, with the new influx of Linux forum members with their head up their behinds. My ignore list is just getting astronomical.
  9. rokytnji
    See what I mean. Cry for help but not willing to share.
  10. jayd512
    Aren't they just the best?
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