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Introducing myself

  1. LKNT
    Hi all,

    I just joined this group and thought I would introduce myself, I am currently 14 and I discovered Linux 3 years ago when I came back to live in India (I am not Indian, but I was born here and lived here almost all my life) and my neighbor introduced me to Ubuntu and helped me install it on my computer. That first attempt did not work out, I ended up deleting ubuntu. A few months later, I tried again and this time I used it for about a year and a half (having also windows), then again I switched back to windows. The third time I was invited to join a Linux User Group and there I got in to the Linux spirit again. Now I am using Ubuntu 10.04 since almost one year and this time I got so much more familiar with Linux that I actually think I know more about Linux now than windows. It's a good deal of time that I haven't used windows, except for browsing the internet in school, and I certainly don't feel like I should want to go back.

    This is my story of how I moved to Linux.
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