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How Do You Use Linux?

  1. teenytinylinuxgrl
    Hey kids! What do use use Linux for? Do you keep Windows around "just in case" or for gaming or something? (Not me... that's what the PlayStation is for)

    I use it for all my school work, music editing, e-mail and web browsing. I play a few games sometimes but I rarely have the time for that.

    I'm Windows-free now. How 'bout you?

  2. moshertec
    hey whats up Amy im Matt im 17 i got into linux aqround 2 years ago, at least that was the first tome ive heard of it i know its the best os around however i just got my first laptop finally its running windows i do like it still somewhat and since i get a free upgrade to win7 i plan on testing it out ill probly end up partitioning my hdd for half windows half linux

    as far as linux operating systems go i no nothing past the help on the terminal

    im not good at changing directories in terminal however i can work my way around those things thanx to google lol

    anyways thats about it in reguards to your first post

    and if u feel like asking me questionas always feel free to im gonna be checking this more than my myspace depending on how many friends i make here
  3. teenytinylinuxgrl
    I'm getting brave now, lol. I started with an LXDE remix, now I'm exploring Gnome and KDE and stuff. They're all so different - and all awesome in their own way. So many choices in Linux!! Waaaaay more than Windows ever offered me.

    So many, in fact, that it gets a little confusing, lol!

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