I was recently given the task of ordering a new server for a new CMS system that has been written by out company. I didn't write it so I am not sure what exactly is going on code wise :/ I know the sites going to get a ton of traffic, probably looking at a couple hundred thousand users within the first couple months(were big, but I'm not going to mention names ) My guess is its going to be very mysql intensive and I know there is allot of web 2.0 jargon going on. Here is what I was thinking, tell me what you guys thinks and thanks in advance!

2 Quad Core Intel® Xeon® L5310, 2x4MB Cache, 1.6GHz, 1066MHz FSB,ES

8GB 667MHz (4x2GB), Dual Ranked DIMMs, Energy Smart

2 73GB 10k SAS drives in raid 1 for the os

6 146GB 10,000 RPM Serial Attached SCSI 3GBps Hard Drive, 2.5-inch, Hot Plug

Money isnt a huge issue, the only thing is I have to justify it to powers at be, so i have to have data to back up why I want to spend the $, so any white papers or official type docs are a big help. I am thinking I will probably do Sun 10 as the OS. And if this thing ends up taking off I will probably end up doing some sort of cluster with NAS for storage. Currently we are primaly a M$ house and this is kind of a test to see if we are going the linux direction, so I want this as seemless as possible, I want some linux servers!

Ps. sorry if I have broken any forum rules, I am new to this forum and thanks in advance for any help!