Are there any 10/100 USB2 ethernet interfaces that are known to be particularly good or egregiously bad under Linux? In particular, I'd like one that uses hardware to handle at least the lower OSI layers (ie, at least has a proper ethernet chipset that doesn't require the CPU to squander 10% of its time doing nonstop FFTs to convert the raw signal into something the protocol stack itself can analyze).

I need it because my laptop's onboard USB is fried, so I need to get a Cardbus USB2 card. Unfortunately, its onboard ethernet is fried as well, and it has only a single Cardbus slot which I'm currently using for a Cardbus ethernet card, so if I want to use a Cardbus USB adapter, I have to use a USB2 ethernet adapter as well (unless a Firewire ethernet adapter happens to exist, which I seriously doubt...)