I'm trying to build a HTPC. I'm using MythDora as the OS, it's based on Fedora 6(ZOD). Everything seems to be working fine except the graphic card.

I'm not sure about the model, all i know the card is old and it's ATI. These pictures should help:
Index of /card

Since it's a HTPC it's crucial that i have s-video output; since my TV only has composite, component and s-video input.
First time i've tried booting(on the tv) the bios debug and the booting process appeared on the tv, but after it finished(when it's supposed to start the gui) i get a white screen on the tv. Second time i booted with both the monitor and the s-video connected, but the x server crashed.
Since then i've been trying to edit the xorg.conf file and install drivers, but no luck all it did was nothing or x server crashes.

I'm not sure if it's worth buying a new graphic card, since that comp is kind of cheap, and i can watch movies nicely on this graphic card. I would like to get full fglrx and s-video support.

Thanks for the help