I configured RH EL3 Linux on a Compaq Proliant DL360 G2. It picked up the onboard disk array, which we configured as a hardware RAID 1, no problem. However, we then added a Compaq scsi array using a 3200 controller card added to the box. Linux cannot see that array, nor can we mount it, as it is apparently not in the /dev directory. We even tried using the linux boot CD to see if we could use the disk management setup software; stil, no external array. We've scoured the HP website (among others) looking for the appropriate drivers, and we able to find this page: http://h18023.www1.hp.com/support/fi.../101_2543.html. We installed what we could from this page, even the management software, which see no divices whatsoever. We downloaded the rescan-scsi-bus.sh script, which found no devices. How can we get this working? Do we need to install the driver on boot? If so, how can we go about doing so? Is there another solution? Any insight is apprecaited. Thanks in advance.