I hope someone can help me with this..

I got 2 printers installed on fedora core 4. 1 Brother DCP7010 and Epson CX2900. This printer both support scanning and copying. The difference are the one is black and white and the other is colored printer. This printers is shared to other linux unit. The probem are:

1. when we are using the colored printer locally which is the epson cx2900 , the other user on the network cant access any printer.
2. only the brother scanner is usable for scanning. (though this is not a big issue).
3. If were using the epson for copying the cups.conf file changes the owner & permission from root to lp. which cause the uncessibility of cups. Which means we can't print.
So in order to print we need to change again the cups .conf configuration.

Is it possible to access both printers and others functions local and network, without changing everytime the cups configuration?

Thanks for any help you can give!