I've just got one of these, and am trying to make it work in the same way (or similarly) to windows. My distro is pclinuxos, which doesnt seem to provide an easy way to set this up, so I think I'll have to edit xorg.conf

The mouse has four buttons, a large one on the left (left click), a large one on the right (right click) and two smaller buttons that currently also left click.

I want the two smaller buttons to scroll down/up (depending on the button). I'd also like to be able to scroll by holding the two large buttons and moving the trackball, if possible.

My technical knowledge is extremely limited, but using xev I think that:

Large left button = 1
Large right button = 3
Small left button (should scroll down) = 8
Small right button (should scroll up) = 9

I'm not really even sure what these numbers mean, but I've a vague idea they're important. I'd be very grateful if anyone could help me sort this out.