I have the same card and was able to detect wireless networks, configure with iwconfig, and even connect to both secured and unsecured access points. I didn't have to do anything but create a network configuration with with the network gui under administration, and fool around with iwconfig to change frequency and essid.

The problem is that even when I am connected to a wireless network as shown by iwconfig I cannot ping anything but my own IP as listed in iwconfig. I can see the MAC of the access point I am connected to. Here is a representative example of what my connection looks like,

sensitivity = 1/3
retry limit = 8
link quality = 13/70
signal level = -84 dBm
Noise level = -98 dBm
Rx invalid crypt:781
Tx excessive retries:39
Invalid misc:853

I don't have the antennae to my card with me, but even if I take the card directly next to the AP it still gives a similar result.