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    Can't get video card to work in opensolaris sxde b_70.

    Hi everyone. I built a dual Xeon system to use as a dual boot workstation between XP 64bit and Opensolaris developer edition,build 70b,and maybe Mac OS X if I can get it to work as well.
    My mobo is ASUS DSBV-DX with built in VGA video,32Mb and I got a PCI GeForce FX5500 256 Mb with DVI and VGA ports. The card works well under XP but under Opensolaris so far the only way that I can get it to install and boot is by removing the PCI card and hooking the monitor to the built in port. Even when I tried putting back the PCI card after the installation all I get from it is a badly garbled display and it doesn't boot all the way;just stops at a blinking screen. This so far is a show stopper for me since it seems like a catch 22 because to install the drivers and recognize the card it seems to nned to be plugged in,but I can't boot into Opensolaris with the card installed. I found this page:
    UPDATED!! Howto get NVidia driver installed on Solaris10 - nV News Forums
    but again I don't see how I can possibly do it if the system won't boot all the way.
    Any help with this is really needed and appreciated.
    ps:You may be wondering why I didn't post this in the opensolaris forums.Well I did and so far there has not been any response;they have a help forum in which unfortunately very little help is given...

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    Well I figured it out and maybe ethis will help someone. I had to disable the onboard video via a jumper on the mobo and was able to get video working and installed the drivers.

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