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Thread: NTFS issue

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    NTFS issue

    Ok I got tired of windows and reformated my OS hard drive and now just have Linux. My second hard drive has two partitions one that is NTFS and other that is FAT32.
    Now I know that you can write to NTFS but it might be a problem. I know that I can reformat NTFS drive but I do not have enough disks for that.
    I have a laptop that is windows that I am Samba into my Linux machine. Can I write to NTFS that way? Or do you recommend a different way to do this?

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    There is only one way to write to an NTFS volume using Linux, and that is with "captive-ntfs" driver (, and that's like... really ugly.

    I don't really know what you actually want to do, though. Why do you want to write the NTFS volume?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolda2000
    Why do you want to write the NTFS volume?
    To overwrite "something"

    Btw, the recent kernels got limited "safe" write support - though limited. If you compile the kernel read the help for the ntfs write support button.
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    You don't have windows, so why do you keep NTFS?
    Do you need to back up data?

    Edit your /etc/fstab
    /dev/hda5        /mnt/winXP       ntfs        ro               1   0
    Then when you reboot, or "mount /mnt/winXP" it will mount your NTFS. Make sure you use the correct device. (You can check with "fdisk -l")

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    but if I just wann read/se/mount my NTFS partition.. how do i do that ??

    eventually I wannr write aswell, but at first just se it..

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    I accidently edited instead of replied, so see my above post.

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