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    Need to get my modem working with linux. HELP please!


    I used to use windows and now i'm trying to use Puppylinux and i want to getonline. I am using a Prolink H9200P modem. It is connected to my machine via a USB cable. I do not think i have a ethernet card. (where would i find it?)

    some information about the modem is here:
    PROLiNK - Challenge The Limit

    notice it says it supports Linux and it has a linux logo on it.

    Any ideas?
    I also have a CD for the modem which i used to install my windows driver and such. It does not have any .run, .sh or .tar.gz files in it. It does however have a .exe installer. So that means I do have the windows driver but i don't know how to use it with linux.

    I do not have any RJ-45 ports on my computer, so I need to use the USB cable.

    Help please?

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    I get the impression from that page that the Linux support is via RJ-45. I doubt the Windows driver will be any help though there may be a way to get it working. USB modems/routers are a nuuisance to configure if they can be at all.

    If you have any PCI slots in the machine it might be a lot easier to drop in an ethernet card, you can usually get one for less than $10 and they are far less effort to configure (if any config is needed at all).

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    I'd have thought that your best off, getting a cheap router with ethernet support, they are around £30
    try here is the UK leading retailer of quality computer components and electronics.
    or computer hardware, components, systems and peripherals at the lowest prices from IT supplier Aria Technology

    microdirect are a bit quicker on delievery. - NB i work for neither of them!

    and you can buy an ethernet card for very little now too and its only PCI so if you have a blank PCI slot, just push it in, and your good to go. (make sure its supported by linux though!), USB modems - Linux no like. the problem with them is they require a driver, no matter what OS you are using, but the ISP's who have them writen only do so for Windows, and Mac if your lucky - so the rest of us are stuck. if people would write a nice driver for it you'd be alright but the problem is there are so many USB modems out there its pretty impossable, unless you have a lot of time on your hands!

    are you sure you don't have any ethernet connections on the computer, try looking on the motherboard I/O panel, because most motherboards have it never mind cards. its pretty standard

    that's what an ethernet port looks like (granted thats on a laptop) because you seem to be none to sure if you have one or not.

    it should be in the same panel as where your mouse/keyboard go the upright one to the left of the computer case,

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    I got a BT voyager USB modem working using an eciadsl driver. The site says it supports ProLink H7000 so you may be able to get yours to work for yours. Read the documentation on the site.
    I know it was a little quirky depending on the kernel but it's worth a look before you go out and spend more.

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