I am having problems with the backspace key on my keyboard. Backspace seems to send Ctrl-? instead of Ctrl-H. On my own PC the terminal erase key is set to Ctrl-? and there are no problems. Unfortunately, it means that backspace does not work in many applications when I am logged into other machines using ssh - it just types ^?.

'showkeys -a' on my PC I get:

^? 127 0177 0x7f

I can fix the problem for a single session on other machines by doing stty erase ^? but I have to do this in every session on every machine which is really annoying. Putting it in my bachrc on the other machine casuses a similar problem when I use it locally or log in from a machine which sends Ctrl-H for backspace. Anyonbe know how I can make ssh send Ctrl-H instead of Ctrl-? ?